A revolutionary concept to be implemented in the Middle East and North Africa for the first time in our world class project. The Pioneering design creates a world of lush, luxurious greeneries in a high-end living space. Immersed in the city fabric yet secluded within parks that reflect a new urban ecology, this active and engaging community is designed for the entire family while providing a welcomed retreat from your busy life.

Land consumption villas
Land consumption apartments

Project Concept

‘’IL BOSCO’’, Italian for ‘the forest’, is a project inspired by a forest-like environment and the incredible greenery that circulates around it. With this theme, we aim to create a one of a kind experience that will support a huge healthy ecological system that we are striving to accomplish. Vertical forests and green spaces have been created before in Italy, China, Switzerland and Netherlands, and so they have proven their success in creating a sustainable life for their communities. Hence, we are driven to create that same sustainable life to our community.

Vertical Forest, is derived from the integration of architecture and landscape in its varied forms. The transition of vertical to horizontal combined with a unique consideration for sustainable building solutions are key aspects that are derived from the iconic Vertical Forest for the project. Delivery starting from 2020


Located at the heart of the New Capital City along with the Mohamed Bin Zayed St. and overlooking the green river, IL BOSCO is situated among exclusive residential districts and connected to the main lines of transportation, 10 minutes away from New Cairo.

Opera House
Diplomatic District
Financial District
Investment Zone
Expo City
Academic City

Project Facts

The Sports club, an extremely active area centered at the heart of the project. It overlooks the view of the gardens around it, and is connected to districts that are surrounding it as well.

Junior football

Swimming pools


Club house

Overlook / gathering area

Outdoor CrossFit

The Creek is a river-like water feature flowing through IL BOSCO, which will be connecting many parts of the project together. The creek will flow through the heart of the villa areas, including walkways and structured seating placed around the walk trail.

Commercial hub is where a unique shopping and chilling experience is guaranteed.

The Cliff is the highest point in the compound that overlooks the villas’ districts around. It will give residents the most incredible sceneries of the compound as it will overlook the creek along with the magnificent landscapes surrounding it. The cliff will also provide an exceptional view to the iconic vertical forest towers, and inside the cliff lies the clubhouse, which will feature open terraces with a unique swimming pool, and a fine dining restaurant

The Valley which is made up of villas and apartments, and it will have exceptional open spaces that will give residents a lot of space to enjoy and perform whatever activities they desire. The valley also has a prominent view to the creek. It also provides a huge landscape of fields and trees. There will be a community center, parks, and secluded pathways that are pet-friendly.

The Park is a natural landscape that is considered a connection to all the open spaces and gardens of the project. It connects the whole community from east to west, and provides the residents a great access to the whole community. The park will be featuring villas, apartments, trails, play areas, and a community center.

The Meadows, a residential zone area south of the club district, has its own distinct character and style. It will give residents a different feel from the other districts. The meadows is a landscape of a soft, open and porous fields of seasonal wild flowers, grasses and native plant arrangements.

The Vertical Forest is a group of buildings with vertical integrated landscape. The buildings will be full of green plantations to complement the essence of the project, which is supporting the overall sustainability of the community. There will be community pools, terraced planting areas, retail podium, gardens and open green spaces

MIP collaborated with the man who created the concept of the Vertical Forest in Milan, Stefano Boeri, bringing the first Vertical Forest to Africa and the Middle East. The Vertical Forest is going to be executed in “IL BOSCO New Capital” having the urge to protect our community with greenery, we went for this project as a contribution to the regeneration of the environment and urban biodiversity without the implication of expanding the city upon the territory.